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Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' - My Friend's Hot Mom (My Friend's Hot Mom)

Mandy Waters nettoie la maison lorsque l’ami de son fils, Ricky, le remercie de l’avoir laissé rester là un peu. Pour sa générosité, Ricky décide de l’aider avec les corvées, mais alors qu’il plie le linge, il trouve une paire sexy de culottes de Mandy. Il convainc Mandy qu’elle est une MILF et lui fait essayer la culotte pour lui avant qu’il ne fourre son putain de bâton dans la mère sexy de son ami.

Libéré : 20 février, 2023
étiquettes : Américain, Big Ass, Blow Job, Yeux bleus, Brune, Caucasien, Cum Dans la bouche, Cum sur Tits, Cheveux longs, Tits naturels moyens, Tits moyens, Milfs, Maman, La maman chaude de mon ami, Tits naturels, Droit, Tatouages, Taillés
Modèles masculins : Ricky Spanish

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Photos de Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom

Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 1)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 17)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 34)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 51)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 68)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 85)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 102)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 119)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 136)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 153)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 170)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 187)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 204)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 221)
Mandy Waters Dans 'Naughty America' My Friend's Hot Mom (Vignette 237)

Plus 'Naughty America' scènes de Mandy Waters

Mandy Waters Dans 'helps drain her bbc neighbor's balls!'

Mandy Waters - Neighbor Affair

Mandy Waters est kinésithérapeute et son voisin, Derek, le sait. Derek s’arrête donc chez Mandy parce qu’il a besoin d’aide. On dirait qu’il est toujours dur. Mandy n’est pas sûre de pouvoir l’aider, mais Derek lui rappelle qu’elle est kinésithérapeute. Convaincue qu’elle peut l’aider, Mandy enlève le pantalon de Derek et l’aide à vider ses couilles de tout le sperme refoulé qui le maintient dur.

Mandy Waters Dans 'I Have a Wife'

Mandy Waters - I Have a Wife

Mandy Waters a des problèmes de plomberie, alors elle demande à son propriétaire de s’arrêter et de jeter un coup d’œil. Une fois qu’il a fini dans la salle de bain, Mandy l’invite dans la chambre à coucher pour réparer ses tuyaux, mais son propriétaire est un homme marié. C’est dommage, parce que Mandy a traversé une période de sécheresse et qu’elle aime les hommes plus âgés. Après quelques minutes, son propriétaire décide qu’il ne peut pas laisser passer une telle opportunité et accepte l’offre de Mandy de poser des tuyaux.

Mandy Waters Dans 'cheats on husband with BBC stripper'

Mandy Waters - Dirty Wives Club

Mandy Waters organise un enterrement de vie de jeune fille avec son amie, alors elle appelle un strip-teaseur pour lui donner des détails. Plus précisément, la strip-teaseuse est célibataire, donc il est prêt à laisser les filles faire ce qu’elles veulent. Il propose même à Mandy de donner un aperçu du spectacle qu’il a prévu. Pendant sa danse, Mandy ne peut détacher ses yeux ou ses mains de son paquet. Elle commence à jouer avec sa bite et finit par la prendre dans sa bouche et sa chatte humide.

Mandy Waters Dans 'uses her sexy ASSets on a co-worker so she can take off early and hit the beach with her girlfriends'

Mandy Waters - Naughty Office

Mandy Waters est coincée au travail pendant que ses amis s’amusent. Elle aimerait vraiment être à la plage avec ses amis. Elle a une idée fantastique, convaincre son collègue Will de terminer son travail. Il ne veut pas jusqu’à ce qu’elle remonte sa jupe et que ce cul de phat soit trop pour que Will le refuse.

Scènes d’autres sites mettant en vedette Mandy Waters

Mandy Waters Dans 'Mandy's Mouthwatering Booty'

Mandy Waters - Mandy's Mouthwatering Booty

This week we met up with Mandy Waters to have a bit of fun. First we chill by the pool where she displays her wonderful attributes for us. then we move inside to oil her booty up and have that thing sparkling just in time for our boy Jovan Jordan to join in on the fun. He has some fun playing with her booty and then it's time to get to work. Mandy slowly peels his shorts to reveal his massive cock. From there, it's only a matter of time before she's choking on his huge monster cock. Soon, she begs for him to stretch her tight hole. Her wishes became true when he shoved his cock in and out of her pussy making her scream with pleasure. All this leading to huge load all over her face.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Your dad's girlfriend, Mandy Waters, needs your cock to fill her wet pussy'

Mandy Waters - Your dad's girlfriend, Mandy Waters, needs your cock to fill her wet pussy

My dad is dating this hot, sexy girl, Mandy Waters, and oh-man is she a babe! She called me to pick her up at the airport because my dad was busy. As I left her she started to eye me up and down and teased me on how much I remind her of my dad. She invited me into her place and I saw she has a stripper pole. Then she tells me the story of how she was a stripper and that is how she met my dad. Immediately, she wanted to give me a pole and lap dance. Mandy noticed my big cock trying to rip out of my pants and she couldn't resist taking my cock in her tight pussy! This'll be a naughty secret I'll take to the grave.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Pretty Pussy'

Mandy Waters - Pretty Pussy

Just in from a night out with her girlfriends, Mandy Waters is feeling the urge to make herself moan and since she's all alone there's no one else to consider but herself. She takes her time with warming up, getting naked slowly until she's down to her high heels and then rolling onto her back to open herself up.

Mandy Waters Dans 'My Beautiful Body'

Mandy Waters - My Beautiful Body

When you were growing up, a housewife like Mandy Waters would have probably featured prominently in your wet dreams. Now you get to see the real deal! Spunky, sweet, and oh so sexy, this milf is never shy about being down to fuck as long as you can satisfy the needs of her juicy coochie.

Mandy Waters Dans 'I Need You'

Mandy Waters - I Need You

Sometimes Mandy Waters is feeling the urge to cum when she's all alone, but fortunately this busty mama isn't afraid to use a dildo to get her kicks. Stripping out of her cute outfit, she grabs her toy and shoves it nice and deep, even getting on her knees so she can fondle her anus.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Give Me Some'

Mandy Waters - Give Me Some

Mandy Waters is one hell of a milf and she loves to lean into it if it means getting some good suck and fuck. This hot mama is all set to put on a show, from the heft of her d-cup titties to the wetness of her cooch with its cute little landing strip.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Rich girls, Mandy Waters and Vanessa Cage, test out their new personal assistant'

Mandy Waters - Rich girls, Mandy Waters and Vanessa Cage, test out their new personal assistant

You have a new job attending to the needs of a rich spoiled brat, and the only thing you need to do is do whatever Mandy Waters and Vanessa Cage tell you to do. Those rich girls never get tired of asking for everything and getting what they want. But there is an upside to that job -- if they ask you to watch them while they change into swimsuits in front of you, you must oblige. Pretty much a free strip show! And if they tell you to drop your pants and fuck their tight pussies, that's just the icing on that sweet fucking cake. Nothing like livin' that Naughty American dream!

Mandy Waters Dans 'Hot Stepmom Can't Resist!'

Mandy Waters - Hot Stepmom Can't Resist!

Johnny is trying to watch his favorite show until his stepmom Mandy steps in and reminds him that he still hasn't started his project. She wants him to be on his project by the time she comes back. Johnny doesn't want to hear it., just wants to relax and leave the project for later. While watching his show he gets on his phone and notices that his girl post a new picture on social media. This gets Johnny in the mood. He goes straight to the bathroom and starts filming himself and sends her a video of himself jerking. But not before his stepmom steps in and catches Johnny in the act. He tries to play it off as if he was really working on his project. She doesn't believe him and snatches his cellphone and sees what he was really doing. Now, she is intrigued and wants to see his monster cock. Johnny is a little reluctant, it's his stepmom. But, she promises his dad won't find out. Stepmom wastes no time to give Johnny the longest and craziest blowjob he's ever had. He also wastes no time to fuck her good doggystyle. Which leads to the bedroom. making her squirt and later Johnny give his stepmom a huge load of cum in the face.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Ass For Days'

Mandy Waters - Ass For Days

Mandy Waters is here by the pool to show off her amazing ass. This chick has got it all. Pretty face, perfect body and a big phat BOOTY. We had to get her on Ass Parade. She shows off her body before our boy Jovan steps in to give her the dick she's been begging for. She gives him a blowjob before they fuck in multiple positions and he shoots a huge load all over her face.

Mandy Waters Dans 'Mandy Fucks to Buy a House'

Mandy Waters - Mandy Fucks to Buy a House

Mandy was waiting for her ride share when the boys pulled up and offered $300 to cancel it. Tough decision but he cancelled. Now the boys had all the time in the world to lure her. They gave her some money to turn around and wiggle her butt. She refused $500 to show her tits but after she saw how much money they had she negotiated $1000 to show one tit. It was cute. But since they had so much cash why not get more of it? After all she always wanted to buy a house. She got into the van. Stripped naked. They asked if she would mind if Jay Bangher would take out. She did not. She took it straight into her mouth. Then they fucked in the moving van. She was riding him. He doggied her. They did the missionary thing and he came into her mouth.