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Melissa Stratton Dans 'Dirty Wives Club'

Melissa Stratton - Dirty Wives Club

Melissa Stratton découvre qu’elle ne passera pas la Saint-Valentin seule cette année avec son mari à l’extérieur de la ville puisqu’il a arrangé quelque chose de romantiquement coquin pour elle. Elle se fait satisfaire par un professionnel avec une grosse bite. Sa chatte juteuse et humide est sur le point de se faire baiser et sucer gentiment et correctement.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'I Have a Wife'

Melissa Stratton - I Have a Wife

Melissa Stratton est embauchée lorsque Ryan et son équipe ont besoin d’aide pour conclure des contrats. Elle est en ville ce soir pour célébrer leur dernier accord. Après le dîner avec Ryan et l’équipe, Melissa décide qu’elle veut continuer à célébrer avec Ryan dans sa chambre d’hôtel, mais Ryan est un homme marié. Il n’aurait jamais rêvé de tromper sa femme... jusqu’à ce que Melissa lui montre ses seins et son cul incroyables! Alors, que doit faire Ryan, à part la suivre dans sa chambre et pilonner cette chatte mouillée. Un vilain petit secret qu’ils emporteront tous les deux dans la tombe.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Melissa Stratton s’entraîne au parc quand elle remarque qu’un homme la regarde. En fait, elle est un peu flattée, alors elle s’assure qu’il la regarde bien en train d’étirer son corps serré. Après quelques minutes à le taquiner, Melissa lui fait suivre jusqu’à une vieille cabane où elle monte sa bite pour sa deuxième séance d’entraînement.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Thundercock'

Melissa Stratton - Thundercock

Melissa Stratton remarque que Lawson nettoie sa piscine; Comme il fait chaud, elle l’invite à entrer pour de l’eau. À l’intérieur, Melissa parle à Lawson de son historique de rencontres et demande à voir sa photo de profil sur son application de rencontres. Elle est agréablement surprise de voir que sa photo est de son long, grand dong. C’est tellement énorme, en fait, que Melissa ne croit pas que c’est sa taille réelle. Elle lui demande de le prouver alors Lawson enlève son pantalon. Melissa tombe amoureuse de la bite tonitruante de Lawson et ne peut s’empêcher de jouer avec avant de la prendre dans sa chatte mouillée et serrée.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Naughty Office'

Melissa Stratton - Naughty Office

Melissa Stratton passe son réveillon du Nouvel An tard au travail et elle vient de découvrir qu’ils ont dépassé leur quota pour l’année. Étant donné qu’il est minuit et qu’il est temps de célébrer, son collègue sort toutes les boissons et les fournitures de fête... plus sa grosse bite dure pour que Melissa puisse en profiter!

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Le corps serré de Melissa Stratton fait sortir les yeux des gars de leurs orbites. Et quand elle est excitée, les gars peuvent dire qu’elle veut de la bite dès que possible. On dirait que la bibliothèque sur le campus est le meilleur endroit pour baiser un parfait inconnu sur un coup de tête.

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Melissa Stratton Dans 'Melissa's Bad Medicine'

Melissa Stratton - Melissa's Bad Medicine

This is Melissa Stratton?s first appearance on and she?s a big fan. Tommy Pistol is a neglected psychiatric patient in a lonely hospital room. Naughty nurse Melissa has been taking advantage of him while he?s strapped to a gurney. Melissa taunts and teases Tommy. She sits on his face. Then Melissa pulls back his sheet and sucks his cock. She mounts his hard cock and fucks him good until she cums. Having had her fill, Melissa leaves Tommy to suffer, but what she doesn?t know is, he somehow got the key off of her. Now, out for revenge, Tommy corners Melissa in her changing room and gives her a some payback. First Tommy fucks her throat, ignoring Melissa?s protest. He takes out his frustration and throws Melissa on the desk and fucks her deep and hard. Next, Tommy binds Melissa?s hands and fucks her on the desk, all the while sucking on her feet. Tommy stuffs his cock and balls in her mouth. His revenge is tainted by Melissa?s apparent enjoyment of this manhandling by her former target of torment, and this only frustrated Tommy further. He flips her around and finger-bangs her pussy and then bends her over the desk to eat her ass and lick her slutty pussy. More rough sex leads Tommy to blow his load on Nurse Melissa?s face and tits, then collapses in a lump of anguish. Melissa suggests Tommy go back to bed and the cycle of misconduct continues.

Tru Kait Dans 'Picky About Coochie'

Tru Kait - Picky About Coochie

Tru Kait and Melissa Stratton are fucking the same man! Unfortunately, everyone knows it but them, and when they find out their reaction is a bit… odd. Jealousy has nothing to do with it, when you're as hot as these two women, it's never about that. Who's better at fucking that's the real question and one they want Manuel Ferrara to answer immediately, even if they have to fuck him right then and there to get the answer.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Dean Melissa Disciplines Naughty Vanna And Hollywood'

Melissa Stratton - Dean Melissa Disciplines Naughty Vanna And Hollywood

The dean doesn't care who Vanna's daddy is: Melissa runs a tight ship, and today she's teaching her charges that discipline is the cornerstone of an elite education.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Melissa's Pose Attracts Black Cobra'

Melissa Stratton - Melissa's Pose Attracts Black Cobra

Melissa just wants to be hot and do her yoga in peace. It was going that way until her roommate Jonathan sees her perfect ass in downward dog as he comes out of the shower. Lust is all he can think about now. If only this was a porn, what would they do? Rip those yoga pants open and dive in. Jonathan decides Melissa is too hot and worth risking it all, so he goes for it. He sneaks up behind her and rips her leggings wide open, exposing her beautiful pussy and asshole. Melissa is shocked at first and asks him what was he was thinking. He tells her he was in a lust trance from how perfect her body is. She asked him what is he going to do now, and he face plants in her ass. She is so turned on by his brazenness, that she wants to see what she does to his dick. He pulls it out and now he is not the only one in a lust trance. Amazed by how big it is, she just has to suck it. Jonathan then starts to realign her chakras with his dick. He gives her a good fucking like her perfect body deserves. She wants him to use her like she is his fuck doll until his balls are empty. They both can agree being roommates is the best decision of both their lives.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Boss Lady Melissa Fucks Assistant On Business Trip'

Melissa Stratton - Boss Lady Melissa Fucks Assistant On Business Trip

On a business trip, Melissa discovers her underling's dark sexual secret. Now this beautiful boss from hell has to decide between firing him, or giving him an early bonus.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'New Year 2024 is here and Melissa Stratton and Octavia Red are going to start it with a naughty bang'

Melissa Stratton - New Year 2024 is here and Melissa Stratton and Octavia Red are going to start it with a naughty bang

Melissa Stratton & Octavia Red invited me to a private party. It turns out I am the only one they invited and they expect me to fuck them all night till the ball drops and I cum like new year's fireworks.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'My Sister-In-Law's Slutty Secret'

Melissa Stratton - My Sister-In-Law's Slutty Secret

Horny housewife Melissa Stratton is dead-set on getting one last fuck out of her husband's brother, Keiran Lee. While they've hooked up in the past, Keiran recently put an end to their steamy affair and goes to great lengths to avoid temptation. When Keiran shows up to his brother's house to stay for the weekend, he thinks hair-dairked Melissa is out of town. However, sneaky Melissa would change any plan if it meant that she got to wrap her plump lips around Keiran's fat cock just one last time. Melissa has no issue sneakily teasing Keiran right under her husband's nose to get what she wants!

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Perfect Brunette Beauty Melissa Stratton Creampie'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Brunette Beauty Melissa Stratton Creampie

Melissa Stratton is the definition of beauty. This blue-eyed brunette babe has an athletic body, big tits, perky ass and smooth skin. Her wet mouth and tight pussy know exactly how to grip a cock. Her horny attitude and sexual enthusiasm make her one of the most desired women on the planet. When she says 'You can cum anywhere' the choice is hard…but deep inside for a creampie just feels so right.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Pornstar beauty, Melissa Stratton, shows you why she's top-tier'

Melissa Stratton - Pornstar beauty, Melissa Stratton, shows you why she's top-tier

I'm one lucky dog because I finally got the opportunity to bang the gorgeous Melissa Stratton. I've seen all her videos. She's drop-dead stunning to see and even more so in person. I loved how she sucked my cock while staring at me with those piercing blue eyes. Melissa put everything into this and will never forget how she made my cock explode all over her.

Hime Marie Dans 'VIP Treatment'

Hime Marie - VIP Treatment

Melissa Stratton and Hime Marie give Danny Steele the VIP treatment at the strip club. He joins them in the backroom and blows multiple loads in their pussies.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Melissas Face Is Messy'

Melissa Stratton - Melissas Face Is Messy

Melissa is so damned sexy and her blowjob skills are crazy good! I watched her fuck herself with a toy and then she got down and gave me such a messy bj. I returned the mess by coating her face with a huge load of cum.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Melissas Makes A Mess'

Melissa Stratton - Melissas Makes A Mess

Melissa stopped by today and she was looking so hot. We both couldnt wait to start fucking. She sucked my cock and let me fuck her big tits and feet before getting on top of me and riding my hard dick. Her pussy was wet and creamy and I loved watching my jizz drip out of her after I shot my load deep inside of her..

Aubree Valentine Dans 'Step Sibling Rivalry and Fucking Selfies'

Aubree Valentine - Step Sibling Rivalry and Fucking Selfies

Aubree Valentine is having a fun time solo playing a game of fuck her pussy with a selfie stick dildo , and it's hella hot. Suddenly, Aubree's mom comes to the door to introduce her new stepsister, Melissa Stratton. Melissa is wise to Aubree's pervy game and steals her toy behind Aubree's mom's back and entices Aubree to come and get it back from her. Aubree follow the suction dildo to discover Melissa mounting it on the guest bedroom door. Aubree takes over for the toy, scissoring and eating Melissa's pussy.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Sexy teacher Melissa Stratton knows you only learn when the lesson is taught without clothes'

Melissa Stratton - Sexy teacher Melissa Stratton knows you only learn when the lesson is taught without clothes

Your sexy teacher Melissa Stratton is very disappointed on your grades and you might not pass the class but she is in a real good mood and wants to help you. Apparently the only way you will learn is if you get her tight wet pussy on your big cock!

Melissa Stratton Dans 'Melissa's Hot Blowjob!'

Melissa Stratton - Melissa's Hot Blowjob!

Horny hot brunette Melissa Stratton flaunts her lingerie and touches herself before swallowing Mick Blue's big cock.

Melissa Stratton Dans 'POV Fuck and Creampie'

Melissa Stratton - POV Fuck and Creampie

Glamorous, busty brunette Melissa Stratton shows off her tan body. The starlet enters view wearing pantyhose and a revealing top, teasing and playing with her sweet twat. She shares a private date with top director/performer Mick Blue, whose POV-style shooting captures the intimacy. He gropes her from behind the camera. Melissa hops on the bed and takes off her heels to get comfy. When she unleashes her big boobs, her diamond-hard nipples stand at full attention. Mick oils up her luscious breasts. Melissa kicks up her long legs and gives him a foot job. She follows up with a slippery blowjob, moaning and drooling at the sight of Mick's mammoth meat. Melissa rips a hole in her leggings for Mick's access, and he stuffs his big cock into her cunt. An intense fuck features doggie-style drilling, rowdy rod riding and passionate kissing. For the finale, Mick thoroughly plows Melissa, leaving her with a pussy creampie.