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Lexi Stone Dans 'American Daydreams'

Lexi Stone - American Daydreams

Lexi Stone se rend à un premier rendez-vous organisé par son amie. C’était le pire moment qu’elle ait jamais eu, mais pour Will, il a eu le meilleur moment. Il l’a emmenée au cinéma et l’a givée et dînée si bien qu’elle veut terminer le rendez-vous avec un meilleur moment. Ses beaux gros seins ont besoin d’être massés, sa chatte mouillée et serrée a besoin de martèlement, et son joli visage a besoin d’être recouvert de son jizz chaud. Tout ce sexe chaud devait être un rêve!

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Lexi Stone Dans 'BBC Obsessed Model Fulfills Fanboys Fantasy'

Lexi Stone - BBC Obsessed Model Fulfills Fanboys Fantasy

During a photoshoot, a men's magazine model gets thirsty for a star struck assistant, and her cocky attitude keeps him aiming to impress.

Lexi Stone Dans 'To Snatch A Thief'

Lexi Stone - To Snatch A Thief

Lexi, the office security guard, is on the lookout for someone who's been stealing office supplies. She runs into Mikayla who's working late. Lexi's got a thing for Mikayla and tries to ask her out for dinner, but Mikayla's insensitively laughs at Lexi and shoots her down. Lexi goes back to her desk to think about what to say next, then comes back to give Mikayla a piece of her mind, only to find Mikayla slipping a laptop in her bag! Looks like this thief needs a full body search!

Lexi Stone Dans 'Coochie Monster Lessons'

Lexi Stone - Coochie Monster Lessons

Lexi hesitantly asked Sunny from her baking class to get some extra lessons so she can impress her boyfriend, but she's suspicious of Sunny because she can be a bit too friendly. Sunny comes to Lexi's place for some extra lessons, but they're not for baking, and soon Lexi gives in and learns the art of pleasing a lesbian!