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JC Wilds Dans 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

JC Wilds - My Wife's Hot Friend

JC Wilds a un problème, son chauffe-eau est tombé en panne et elle aimerait certainement se rafraîchir. Heureusement pour JC, son amie a accepté de la laisser utiliser sa douche pendant qu’elle était au travail. Alors que son amie est peut-être au travail, le mari de son amie se trouve être à la maison et JC a entendu dire à quel point il est une bonne baise, alors JC profite de cette occasion pour séduire l’homme de son amie et le baiser après qu’elle soit sortie de la douche.

JC Wilds Dans 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

JC Wilds - My Sister's Hot Friend

JC Wilds fait un barbecue chez elle pour le Memorial Day et le frère de son amie, Donny, arrive un peu plus tôt. Donny a apporté des hot-dogs avec lui et ils sont beaucoup plus gros que ce à quoi JC est habitué. Comme JC n’a jamais eu de grosse saucisse, Donny convainc JC de prendre sa grosse saucisse avant que l’autre invité n’arrive à la fête.

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JC Wilds Dans 'Curious Stepdaughter'

JC Wilds - Curious Stepdaughter

JC Wilds needs some advice with something in regards to her boyfriend. So she goes to the kitchen to ask her stepdad. She tells her stepdad that she is worried that she won't be able to take her boyfriend's huge cock, and wants her stepdad to help her get stretched out. Stepdad can't believe what he is hearing, there's no way he would agree to do any of that. JC keeps insisting that her mom will never find out. With a little insisting and promising that she will keep quiet. Stepdad agrees and he gives her his huge cock. First she gets on her knees and sucks on it, then they take it to the bedroom, where she gets her sweet pussy stretched out by stepdad's huge cock.

JC Wilds Dans 'Peep Show For Filthy Critter'

JC Wilds - Peep Show For Filthy Critter

All happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. An unhappy family is one in which the husband has to hide his sexual preferences. A happy family is one in which the wife helps the husband achieve real pleasure. Even if that pleasure consists in secretly watching a stranger fuck the wife on her favorite sofa...

Apollo Banks Dans 'JC Wilds Finds Jesus'

Apollo Banks - JC Wilds Finds Jesus

JC Wilds opened the door to find Apollo Banks wanting to talk about Jesus. She was not a believer but when Apollo told her Jesus was everywhere she invited him in. Apollo was explaining about the Bible but JC decided to look for Jesus herself. She looked at Apollo, she looked at his pants. Kneed down in front of him. Unzipped his pants. And there he was. She found Jesus. JC took out Apollo's dick and started to blow it. Then she stripped naked and they started to fuck. She was a really cute girl and Apollo had this really big dick. She was riding him, they did the doggy thing, they fucked in missionary. At some point he s**t his cum all over her face.

JC Wilds Dans 'Wild Chick Hops on The Bus'

JC Wilds - Wild Chick Hops on The Bus

This week we pulled up to this chick sitting on an abandoned sofa in the middle of nowhere. She claimed to be waiting for her friends, but none of that interested use. All we cared about is how much money it would to to get her inside the bus. After some talking, and some hesitation from her, we eventually figured out the right amount to get her to take a drive with us. Once inside, it was much easier to get her naked and eager to fuck our boy Johnny. Her eyes would light up every time we flashed money in front of her face. Eventually, she started sucking dick and not long after that she was getting her pussy stretched all over the bus. She loved every single inch of it, this chick seems to love cock. After she was properly fucked, it was time to drop her off in the middle of nowhere.